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    RangeError: Invalid array length and other problems

    that would seem to be the case... i could see through the debug console that that was an error and when i go to the link, i also get a 404 error. However... the files are there (see the attached screenshots). I assume it's something wrong with my server/setup, but other 360 files are working...
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    RangeError: Invalid array length and other problems

    I've been banging my head into a problem all afternoon. Full disclosure: I'm not a developer, and only have a basic understanding of code. I'm using SpotEditor v3.6.4.70, which I stepped back to after I was having the same issues with the new beta. The last time I made any 360s was about 6...
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    Hotspot size and appearance inconsistent across browsers

    I altered one of the stock hotspots (changed the color) and re-saved it with the same name. I also imported a copy of the same SVG with a new name. On Safari, everything works as expected, and the SVGs display at their natural size. On Firefox, my edited SVG does not show up at all, neither does...