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    joomla errors, joomla 3.9.16

    hi, i have hundreds of these server errors: 13-Mar-2020 20:10:29 UTC] PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; PlgContentWebRotate360 has a deprecated constructor in...
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    Gifs are too large for twitter..

    The exported gifs are too large for twitter...the gifs are 4.5mb, and twitter limit is 3mb...i have tried resizing everything and cannot get gif to make gifs useable.. Also, clients says when using gifs on facebook, they do not display properly, but instead shows only first...
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    joomla article not work w/s3 bucket

    Joomla version of webrotate... Article and spin work fine when called from website server... Spin does not work from either s3 bucket or from cloudfront...other renderings such as 360 panotours from KOLOR work fine from this same bucket... examples from website server...