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    Spot Editor v5

    It's an upgrade price (40% off the new license price) plus another 30% off, if you get it today which hopefully is very reasonable :)
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    Spot Editor v5

    Hello! Yes, as per our pricing page, free upgrades are available within 1 year for PRO and 3 years for Enterprise. The license you get is still a perpetual license (lifetime) in that it doesn't expire for the version you have purchased. PS: Cyber Monday discount will expire later today (Tue...
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    Magento 2.4.5

    Hi there! We have a small issue with php 8.1. It can be easily fixed as follows: Line 77 in WebRotate360\ProductViewerStandard\ViewModel\WebRotatedStandard.php return ltrim($product->getData('webrotate_path'), '/'); replace with: return ltrim($product->getData('webrotate_path') ?? '', '/')...
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    Enterprise licence, but still "Powered By WebRotate"

    Hi Paul, please share link to your test website in the livechat thread from earlier today.
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    Rotate on swipe left / right

    Hi Cedric, it's probably some conflict with your page's CSS or JavaScript. Please share link to the page with the issue and we will review and comment.
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    Hotspot problem - show multiple

    Hi, can you please share link to the page with the issue? You can send it to support at or paste here.
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 4.0.0 build 182 (macOS only) [!] SpotEditor: fixed a crash on startup on macOS introduced by Apple's macOS 12.6 update. If you have the commercial version of v4, re-download and re-install using download link we sent with your purchase or contact us here.
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    Preview 360 views on local browser.

    Hi, the best option right now would be to register for our free PixRiot account, upload there and share which is very easy for you and your client. With the next v5 release of the software (later this year hopefully), we're releasing a separate desktop viewer app which will allow viewing...
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    How do I put the 360 spin onto Amazon?

    Hi there! Amazon uses their own proprietary viewer and so the best you can do is to follow these Amazon's recommendations when publishing your 360 product photography in SpotEditor and then simply zip images (published under published/360_assets/your-view-name/images) for further upload to Amazon:
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for WordPress not work

    Thanks for sharing the link. It seems that you are using wr360expand shortcode which won't work in the free version of the plugin as it utilizes the full-screen feature of the viewer which is only available in PRO and Enterprise editions of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer per this summary...
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    full screen not work.

    Hi Frank, thanks for your message. Full-screen is currently not available in the Free version of the viewer / plugin as per this comparison table. PS: you can hide the full-screen button in WebRotate 360 SpotEditor or directly in the published xml. Let us know if any questions!
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for WordPress not work

    Yes, it works with the latest versions of WP and WooCommerce. Please share link to the page with the issue and we will review and comment.
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Integration v3.5.1 for WordPress Released: What's new: [+] New WooCommerce integration with a fully functional gallery replacement. [+] Added latest v4.0.1 viewer core (almost 100 new features and fixes). [+] Updated settings page in admin to have setting sections...
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Standard Integration v1.3.5 for Magento 2.x Released [+] Revised integration to include the latest WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v4. [+] Unified the location of graphic assets (hotspot indicator SVGs) under 'graphics' folder. [+] Updated sample 360 product view...
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer AdHoc Integration v2.5.0 for Magento 2.x Released [+] Revised integration to include the latest WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v4. [+] Added support for absolute config XML URLs to work with PixRiot hosting and similar. [+] Added 'graphics' folder with all hotspot...
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    View offline on Android?

    Hello, here's a recent email we sent on the same topic that should help: Upload your SpotEditor project "published" folder to your Android device under some folder you designate for 360s on internal storage. Install a web server app. We researched a bit and picked this free server app called...
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    JOOMLA 4 Version (When)?

    Released! :cool:
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Integration v2.0.0 for for Joomla 4.x: What's new: [+] Adopted for Joomla 4.x. [+] Added latest v4.0.0 viewer core. [+] Introduced new wr360video shortcode for PixRiot video integration. [+] Introduced support for Joomla's Fields that can be used instead of...
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    SP Page Builder

    Yes, looks like there're three places without a required whitespace and one with a possible extra whitespace after quotation mark:
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    SP Page Builder

    Hi, Can you please "Toggle Editor" to see the raw html content of the shortcode and then take a screenshot of what you see there and share here? It looks like there're possibly some special characters that got in there on copy / paste.