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    Image Artifacts in Chrome/Safari

    We use WR360 in a modal, and when zooming in on an image, we are seeing image artifacts and black backrounds outside the viewer window. To my knowledge, what's happening inside the viewer should not be affecting outside the window. When the artifacts happen, I'm not able to identify them in the...
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    Transparent Hotspot Background

    Also thought it might be helpful to attach one of my XML files. I can't attach it, but here it is to download:
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    Transparent Hotspot Background

    I attached the graphic, thanks!
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    Transparent Hotspot Background

    Hello, I'm using a transparent PNG as a static hotspot to show a logo in the same position/size in the viewer window. My problem is even though I'm using a transparent PNG, I'm getting a white background for the image. Is there a way to make this image transparent? Thanks.