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    Hotspot image doesn't scale

    Hi there, I made a 3D 360° Product view and want to put the client Logo on top as "As content only in fixed position on load" on the top of the view with a white background. In the normal view everything is ok but the logo doesn't scale if I am in fullscreen. It has still the width at...
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    Watermark only local?

    Hi, I've made a 360° Turn for a product and wanted to place a watermark. Local it is shown but when I put it online, there's no watermark. Is this correct? Cheerz, Jens
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    Webrotate & Webflow

    Hi there, how is it possible to integrate webrotate in webflow? We're having problems that the webrotate view is scaled correct in the webflow iframe. In the width the view is scaled but if i scale the browser window in the height - nothing happens. Do you have any ideas? thx Greetings from...
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    Image Filters does not work on publishing

    hm... i must check this. I have activated it for a while. But I also have no watermarks or signs that something only work by full version when i publish the files.
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    Image Filters does not work on publishing

    Hi, i put some brightness on my images (png) (also apply to all source images) but nothing happend. So i put the images very dark - nothing happens via publishing. I deleted cache and manually the further published images. Nothing. In the preview window everything is correct. I don't understand...
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    Loading HotSpot Images

    Hi, thx for your answer. I have to manage in one Hotspot an image and a video on a given place. And it has to be responsive. I managed it in one resolution but I cannot adjust it, that it will be responsive. • Hotspot-Icon: I was not really clear with my question - I also have to make the...
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    Loading HotSpot Images

    Hi there. I'm new with webrotate360 and we've got an enterprise version. I made a 360° Fotoshooting for a client and put lots of Hotspots on it (actual 19). The agency who make the website for this 360 want reduce the MB. So they ask me if I could manage it that the images of the hotspots only...