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    100% width without working

    I believe this was resolved via email.
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    100% width without working

    Hi there, Joshua! For 100% width to work, your parent container has to have some width as well, but your theme's CSS style makes it 0 instead via this class: .elementor-706 .elementor-element.elementor-element-1b6a217 { width: auto; } You would need to remove it width: auto to make it work...
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    Problems when the plugin is embedded

    Hi Joshua, the issue with the first link is that it has two webrotate shortcodes added there. One is hidden in some section and the second one is the one you are looking for. Because you are running the free version of the plugin, the second shortcode doesn't work as the free version supports...
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    Save as... / Duplicate

    Hi Roberto, please see this quick video tip that covers our templates support: I hope it helps! ;)
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    Full 3D tutorial

    Hi there! What kind of documentation are you looking for, e.g how to model in 3D? Otherwise, in SpotEditor it's just that field on the Publish form for the number of rows in the source folder and controls to add / remove rows under Images -> Rows tab at the bottom.
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    Undo a Path or Delete for a single Image

    Hi Roberto and welcome! :) Are you referring to hotspot path? If so, you can simply delete each hotspot position within a path via Delete key on the keyboard or right-mouse click -> Delete Path to delete the entire path. Let us know if any other questions.
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    Custom Hotspot indicators not showing in PixRiot

    Here's updated steps in the latest PixRiot release: 1. Create some folder in PixRiot where you will store your hotspot indicator images. 2. Click "globe" icon next to the new folder. 3. Select Path tab at the top of the form and then COPY the folder path. 4. Got to Settings menu on the left...
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    Hotspot indicators are not scaling down

    The indicator scaling only works when you tell the viewer its "base width", i.e reponsiveBaseWidth property that you would see in the published html if you publish a project using the Responsive template on the Publish form in SpotEditor for example. In PixRiot previews you mentioned...
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    WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 4.0.0 Release More details about this release. Includes everything in v3.6.5 betas plus the following additions and fixes: [+] SpotEditor: macOS Monterey support. [+] Introduced new Magnify tool for precise hotspot positioning in SpotEditor. [+] Reworked hotspot...
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    Products with combinations any progress?

    Hi Baz, no progress yet unfortunately. We have just released new version of the core product and are gearing up to update all plugins in the coming months. Prestashop will be updated too and we will try to revise the integration to support configurable products.
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    Click on hotspot popup not working on mobile

    Hi there, we just sent you an email with steps to resolve it now. As per the email, we expect the same version of the script we shared to be available on PixRiot and as a download in SpotEditor later next week.
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    Rotated photo disappears in Prestashop 1.7 after changing product combination

    Hi Mund, nothing much yet, sorry! We will be revisiting everything in our existing Prestashop integration in the next couple of month.
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    JOOMLA 4 Version (When)?

    Hi there, hopefully we will revisit the Joomla plugin sometime in November. Is the webrotate plugin not working on Joomla 4 as-is? We haven't tested it yet unfortunately...
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    Transparent Background not taken into account ?

    Hi there! It looks like you are using our WordPress plugin. In the plugin we have support for configurable background color and the default is white which is what you see. Please go to the webrotate settings in admin and enter 'transparent' in the Viewer background field (not quotes). It...
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    360 loading one old pages but not on new pages

    It seems that the whitespaces are missing between shortcode attributes, can you add them back please?
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    360 loading one old pages but not on new pages

    Hi there, It looks like you have an issue with the shortcode and it usually happens when one would copy-paste a shortcode from somewhere (like our install guide) into the "Visual" edit view of the post or page in admin. What happens is that some special html characters can be pasted there as...
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    Hotspot Text Content Position and Font Size

    It's probably going to be easier if you use images with embedded text instead via Image Content tab in the Hotspot form, as CSS can get a bit involved for your custom requirements.
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    Hotspot Text Content Position and Font Size

    Hi there, It's hard for us to predict how your custom text content should scale (e.g font sizes, etc), hence currently you can either: 1) Use your own CSS (see example below). 2) Create an image with your text and use Image Content instead which scales automatically. 3) Use our new lightbox...
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    Hotspot positioning best practice

    Here's the video, Kristina 8-) ...we're sending download links via email shortly.
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    Hotspot positioning best practice

    Quick update.. we found a couple of odd bugs in the latest build. Fixing them on our Thursday-Friday and will share with you then with a video.