Embedded 360 Not Working


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Hi there,

I have the same issue, embedded 360 views working sometimes and after reloading it's not working,
I have installed Magento 2 module.

Here is the link to check

Magento version - 2.3.4


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Hi, thanks for the details.

The issue is due to the duplicate jQuery script loading after our imagerotator script as per attached screenshot. It overrides some of global jQuery space we're using with hotspots. Please remove the second jQuery and it will always work. Alternatively you may remove the hotspot if you are not planning to use them, which should also resolve the issue.

PS: we will move this to a separate Magento thread in a couple of days.



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Thanks for the reply.
I did check the second jquery file which is including the after image rotator js file. but that jQuery just has patch applied and it's coming default Magento 2 version.

Can you please guide how to resolve it?
Thanks in advance.


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Something overwrites jQuery name space still I think after that first jQuery is loaded. Can't say what unfortunately..

I have a feeling though it would work if your custom integration was not requiring jquery & imagerotator right away so it's rather done past that time when the namespace has been overwritten. You can try some mixin that is loaded closer to the end of the chain, like we do in the default module implementation (i.e load your custom require in some kind of a custom hook at the time when this gallery mixin is loaded for example):

    config: {
        mixins: {
            'mage/gallery/gallery': {
                'WebRotate360_ProductViewerStandard/wr360hook': true


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We have a fix for this in the viewer code (removed using global JQuery.fn space in hotspots).

Please confirm that you need it still?