Fullscreen button is not shown on iPhone


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Hello. I'm using licenced version.
I'm using iFrame embedding and the problem is the Fullscreen button is not shown in any browser on iOS. All other buttons are fine, only this one is missing.

For embedding I'm using this code:
<iframe src="https://xxx/spins/www/Mayka_pink3.html" width="300"
height="450" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Strange thing is when I'm watching the html link of the spin itself, all buttons are present. Only in embedded the Fullscreen button is missing.

On Windows, Mac, Android it is shown normally in any browser.
But on iPhone 10 and Iphone 7 (older and newer iOS versions) Fullscreen button is not shown. Both in Safari and Chrome browser.

Could you please suggest me how it can be fixed?
P.S. I'm exporting from SpotEditor with parameter "Mobile Full page (iFrame)" in "Template" area.


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Hi there and thanks for all the details! :)

iPhone's iOS still doesn't have native full-screen support... If you were not using iFrames, the viewer would still show the full-screen button on iOS and it would open your 360 product view in the "full browser window" mode (i.e would take the entire browser window).

But since you are using iFrame, there's no way for the viewer to spring out of the iFrame controlled by your page and expand in the full browser window mode and so we auto-hide the button when inside an iFrame on iOS.