Improvements in module


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I'm testing the module for Prestashop and it's great.

But I wonder if you can implement a few improvements:

- Show the first image while loading animation. In this way the user sees the product photo while loading all frames.
- When you zoom, the animation should appear in a floating window (the same way as when you zoom to a normal product image).
- They would have to keep showing all product pictures (below WebRotate360, miniature). Now are hidden.

I welcome your comments.

Thanks and sorry for my bad English.



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Hi WebSupport,

Yes, the fix worked perfectly. Now I can add new animations without problem.



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Thanks for confirming, Rysiu! This is good news.

Regarding your points:

1. Show the first image while loading: we do show the first pre-loader image while the rest of the 360 rotating images are loading, and this pre-loader image is configurable in SpotEditor / xml. In other words, your visitors do see the initial product image that we load quickly almost immediately while the rest is being loaded. Or are you asking about something different?

2. I see what you mean there. This is an interesting enhancement that we should consider for the next version of the 360 product viewer. Currently it's not possible.

3. I'm not sure I understand this one. If you are talking about product gallery thumbnails below the 360 viewer, it should be working like this by default. You may just need to change Page Placeholder Id in WebRotate 360 Prestashop module settings to the CSS class or Id of an HTML element on your product page that wraps the main product image and not the thumbnails gallery. You can send us a link to your product page here in this thread or via email at support at webrotate360 dot com, if you would like us to help.