Left, right, Zoom and autorotate buttons try to pop up


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Please see attached screenshot. Your site has this snippet on the product pages that subscribes to any <a> element under .popup_gallery class which then includes any button inside the 360 product viewer.

You can either change your standard gallery thumb elements (when there's no 360) to have some class like <a class="thumb"....> and then change the delegate value in the screenshot on line 1968 to 'a.thumb'. Or change webrotate module's page placeholder (in admin) such that it embeds itself above .popup_gallery element.

There could be other options like not outputting .popup_gallery class name in the div container when 360 product view is not present, etc.

I hope it helps!


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Thanks, I changed the delegate to a.mythumb and it's fine. I'd been looking everywhere for a solution but for some reason didn't look in the obvious place!

Thanks and excellent support.