Problems with prestashop integration


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I'm testing the module for prestashop and found 3 issues:

it gave two warnings:
Notice: Use of undefined constant PS_ADMIN_DIR - assumed 'PS_ADMIN_DIR'
Notice: Undefined property: AdminWebRotate360::$controller_type

So I had to fix it in admin_x\tabs\AdminWebRotate360.php:
line 2:
include_once( _PS_ADMIN_DIR_.'/../classes/AdminTab.php');

and add line 13:
$this->controller_type = 'admin';

The issue I'm still having is that I can see the rotating shoe in the default theme but not in my theme. My theme has <div id="image-block"> but nothing shows up there.

Any help is appreciated



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Hi Yair, thanks for posting your solution and the pretty sample on our forum. The first two changes that you did is something we have discovered also after Prestashop 1.5.2 got released (these updates will be integrated in the upcoming 3.5 integration) although some folks on 1.5.3 installed our 360 viewer add-on fine without any additional changes. The difference is probably due to upgraded 1.4.x - 1.5.x installations..

And the last fix I guess is specific to your custom theme so all should be fine now.

Let us know if any questions going forward.