Responsive Hotspots and Pop-ups


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Hi, I could use some advice on making adjustments for mobile. I see there is a previous thread regarding responsive hotspots so I could probably solve that issue as my hotspots are way to big and kind of out of position. However my pop-ups are all over the place in mobile. I'm using custom html with my own CSS for the pop-ups. I'm happy to share a link but is there a way to do it privately as my client would not like their beta page to be shared publicly. Thanks.


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Sure, please share the link via our email: support at webrotate360 dot com.

PS: in general, when using custom CSS for the hotspots, it should be possible to control the popup dimensions using media queries, e.g:

@media (min-width: 380px){
   .position_rollover {
	   max-width: 550px;
	   min-width: 380px;
	   width: 40%;