Responsive image content in hotspot popups


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I'm using iFrames to show my 360 spins and have an issue with sizing of my popup images in hotspots. They don't seem to be responsive even though I selected "scale responsively" on the hotspot form. I'm using v3.6.5 beta. Any ideas?


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Hi there! Specifically with iframes when using "mobile full-page" template, hotspot popup images now scale based on the viewer Width that you specify on the Interface tab in SpotEditor.

So in your SpotEditor project under Interface tab, set the Width parameter to the desired width of the view when its viewed on a desktop monitor (i.e fully expanded). This will be the viewer width at which your popup image will show at its Max Width as configured on the Hotspot form on the Image Content tab.

We then use the "base" viewer width as the basis for scaling the popup image, i.e the popup images will resize relative to the change of the viewer width, e.g on a mobile screen.

This was one of the additions in v3.6.5 beta build 116 (released on 08-January-2021). See version history here:

PS: we plan to expand on this and add more sizing controls for popup images such as "minimum width" in the upcoming v3.6.5 updates.