View offline on Android?


Staff member
Hello, here's a recent email we sent on the same topic that should help:
  • Upload your SpotEditor project "published" folder to your Android device under some folder you designate for 360s on internal storage.
  • Install a web server app. We researched a bit and picked this free server app called AWebServer (see the following link). It has ads but it's only during a simple server setup that you see them, i.e., not when viewing 360s:
  • Start the app and select the folder you have created for your 360 under Document Root.
  • Select Start under Service.
Now your folder content is served locally (and remotely on your network if you are online) and you can access it in your Android web browser via localhost:

There're other server apps with no ads out there, but this one seems most reliable with over 100k installations, and it will run as a service, i.e it would auto-start on device reboot.