360 viewer not showing on Woocommerce Product Page


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We recently purchased the Pro license. And i tried the plugin for the first time now. However. It wont work whatever i put in the fields.

Test page: https://woocommerce-732326-3134658.cloudwaysapps.com/product/product-360-test

Config file url: https://woocommerce-732326-3134658..../360_assets/SpoteditorTest/SpoteditorTest.xml

Root path: https://woocommerce-732326-3134658....herBeige/published/360_assets/SpoteditorTest/

Relative URLS also dont work.

PS: I read somewhere that variation should be integrated now.
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Hi, it's not clear why the webrotate gallery is not replacing the default one in your WooCommerce, which is the main issue right now, I think.

Most likely it's related to Elementor you are using there. We will get in touch with you directly via email to see how we can help as would need access to your WP most likely.