Advanced "Play to Label" - Open Hotspot Content


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I'm tinkering with the "Play To Label" features to avoid diving into the API. I'd like to click on one hotspot's content (Gas Out) and have the object rotate to the back and automatically open the content of the "On Off Switch" hotspot.

No matter what iteration I do on "Always Activated" "Activate On Click" "Activate Key Hotspot" or even trigger after I can't get the content to appear (upper left hotspot) after the spin to the back. What am I missing:

If I'm reading this ( or on page 25) right I should be able to pull off something like the homepage sneeker without use of the API.



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Hi, thanks for the detailed summary! I think it's because of the Key hotspot name having white spaces which is something we rarely test unfortunately. This has not been reported so far either.. Please rename "On Off Switch Animation" to something like "On-Off-Switch-Animation" and it will work most likely.


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Thank-you so much. That was the correct tip. I removed all spaces from hotspot names and labels and things started working well.

This is a fun tool.