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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Integration v2.8 for BigCommerce (Stencil) Released:

What's new since the last BigCommerce integration release:

[+] No changes to your templates or stylesheets are necessary.
[+] Integrate via image ALT from the dashboard or directly in template via data-imagerotator attribute.
[+] No WebDAV uploads are required.
[+] New lightbox popup mode with Clean popup theme.
[+] Master configuration to manage all 360 or 3d product views at once using the same config.
[+] API integration for unique enhancements.
[+] Google Analytics integration with a snapshot of all major interactions with the viewer.
[+] Fully responsive with height scale and minimum height control.
[+] Supports multi-row 3D product views that can spin both horizontally and vertically.
[+] All recent features and improvements that we packed into the core product since Blueprint integration release in 2013.

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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Integration v2.9 for BigCommerce (Stencil) Released:

What's new:

[+] Latest v3.6.2 features such as pause on load, zoom on single click, zoom in full-screen, zoom cursors, etc.
[+] Implemented automatic hiding of the placeholder element before it's replaced by a 360 product view.
[+] Added WR360_CONFIG_PARENT setting to allow separating config location from placeholder.
[+] Improved viewer config lookup performance (i.e finding the right image with configured ALT tag).
[!] Fixed a popup issue where triggering full-screen could briefly flash a scrollbar inside the popup.
[!] Added a dummy license for free installs to not waste time loading 404 pages (page not found).

Installation instructions: ... %20Stencil