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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer App v2.0.0 for Shopify Released

[+] Added Popup mode so that a 360 product view can be launched as a full-browser window popup (PRO only).
[+] Updated to use the latest core 360 product viewer features and fixes (100+ of improvements since the last app release).
[+] Introduced PixRiot integration which made it possible to speed up loading of the configuration assets.
[+] New PixRiot integration allows bypassing image ALT configuration by linking to PixRiot assets via Shopify product IDs or custom names.
[+] Added Background Color support so the viewer can be configured to look best with various backgrounds in Shopify skins.
[+] Added viewer version selection to allow selecting specific version of the 360 product viewer to use with the integration.
[+] Integration is now configured and optimized to only run on product pages.
[+] Added support for relative viewer height.
[!] Fixed an issue where the app would show an error upon initial installation.