full screen not work.


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Hello to the round,
I have installed the WebRotate plugin (1.5.0) in Joomla 3.
I tried the sample "/plugins/content/webrotate360/360_assets/sampleshoe/config.xml".
It also works.
The full screen is displayed when clicking on the full screen button, but a white page appears.
Also with the example "https://s1.pixriot.com/433181dfa6/Example/Shoe/Shoe.xml?t=1661030931" a white page is shown in the full screen.

Joomla 3.10.11

Does anyone have an idea why no image is displayed in the full screen?

Greetings Frank
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Hi Frank, thanks for your message. Full-screen is currently not available in the Free version of the viewer / plugin as per this comparison table.

PS: you can hide the full-screen button in WebRotate 360 SpotEditor or directly in the published xml. Let us know if any questions!