Pause loading after the first image not working


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Hi all,

I have troubles to get the option "Pause loading after the first image" working.

When I upload the whole set of files that is created by SpotEditor, it works when I open the created html file in the browser.

But when I upload the images including the XML file from the exact same set of files to my WP website location, the plugin in WordPress still does load all image frame files on load of the page.

Is this a bug in the plugin? Or does it need more configuration with the shortcode?

The shortcode I use : [wr360embed name="product1" width="100%" height="400px" config="/sources/WebRotate360/product1/config.xml"]

The reason why I want to use this option, is that it will not slow down opening webpages with more than one WebRotate360 image on it. And specially when the page is loaded on a mobile device with 3G or 4G connections.

Please advise me.



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Hi Pascal, it's just that this recent v3.6.2 feature has not yet been pushed to our WordPress plugin.. We will update the plugin this week and will confirm here.


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Apologies for the delay with this, Pascal...

You can now download the new plugin update (v3.1.4) with the latest viewer core (v3.6.2 release) from here: ... n=Download

As a reminder:

IMPORTANT: the entire contents of any previous webrotate plugin installation in your WordPress will be removed upon updating the plugin (unless you manually copy the new plugin files and folders to your FTP). If you have any webrotate assets (360 or 3D product images and configuration files), a license file, etc that you keep in the webrotate plugin folder, make sure you backup the existing plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/webrotate-360-product-viewer) before proceeding with the plugin update.

Just let us know if anything! :)


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Thanks team.

Works perfect. Thanks ;)

Removed the plugin, installed the new version flawless. And ofcourse, program data as License file and config file are not stored in the plugin folder. I always keeps it stored in a different program data folder.