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Downloaded the latest BETA (606) to test out the touch cmpatibility on Windows 8.1 devices. Seems it works and is quite sensitive.

But the Prestashop module seems to be some very smal problem. Issues:

Prestashop with standard theme.

I have connected one 360-spin to a Product. The product also have two images from before. So no, when click on the 360-spin I get a pop-up with one of the images. Since it is a free version, there should not be any pop-up at all ...

Viewer Width (optional):
Viewer Height (optional):
Well, I know you mention in the blog post with installation guide that is it not neccessary on 1.6, but it is. It works with IE without those setting, but Chrome and Firefox don't work. First after setting whose parameters I can see the spin, so it is not optional.


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Hi and thanks for contacting us here at WebRotate 360!

1) Can you please share a link to your Prestashop site? as I'm not sure I completely understand this statement "since it is a free version, there should not be any pop-up at all ...". Please give us more details.

2) Yes, specifying 360 product viewer width and height maybe be necessary with 1.6, depending on a Prestashop theme.


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1. Well it is a test site, so it is closed tp the public. Anyway, when clicking on the 360-image I get a fancy-box popup with the first image from the Product gallery. Hope is it more clear.

3. Also if I may add another thing. No 360-spin is coming up in the Quick view of the product - just an emty space in the default theme .


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Ah I see now I think. Thanks! :cool:

PS: we will retest it on the latest Prestashop download just in case to see how the default theme there is configured now and will adjust if needed. If anybody else notice the same issue with their Prestashop themes on, please let us know and we will help quickly.


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I have the same problem as explained above. Can you help like what exactly needs to be done.

It work fine in IE, but everytime i rotate the image rotates there is a pop along with it
* I m working on local environment.

Thanks for your help


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Hi Jacckie, thanks for contacting us here!

Can you please share a link to your Prestashop page with an integrated 360 product view and we will review and comment asap?