Problems when the plugin is embedded

Joshua AMD

New member
Hello, I have a problem on my website and it is that when I place the shortcode on the website with information on it, they do not load the photos correctly, but this only happens in this hosting, since in a development one the plugin works.

It does not work:
It works:

On both websites they have the same installation and the same add-ons. Nothing has changed from each other, only that they are in different hostings.


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Hi Joshua, the issue with the first link is that it has two webrotate shortcodes added there.

One is hidden in some section and the second one is the one you are looking for. Because you are running the free version of the plugin, the second shortcode doesn't work as the free version supports a single embedded 360 product view per page (more details). Your second link has just one shortcode hence it works fine.