360 loading one old pages but not on new pages


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I have made several new pages in Wordpress and want to have 360's on this pages also.

On the old pages the 360 is working. If I make a new page and use the same short code (on the same website, server, plugins, caching etc. etc. etc. ) it is not loading. I really do not understand why and what to do. :roll: :cry:

2 examples;
old page where everything is working ; https://productfotografie.doornorbert.nl/productfotografie-van-bloemen/
new added page where the 360 is not working; https://productfotografie.doornorbert.nl/360-graden-fotografie-van-bloemen/


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Hi there,

It looks like you have an issue with the shortcode and it usually happens when one would copy-paste a shortcode from somewhere (like our install guide) into the "Visual" edit view of the post or page in admin.

What happens is that some special html characters can be pasted there as well in the visual view. We recommend in the guide to use the Text or Code view when pasting to make sure the shortcode is clean.

Please go to the code/text view of the post in admin (where you would usually edit the content) and double check there are no funny characters in there :)


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Thanks for your reply.

I have not add the code to the visual editor but once via a ACF field. Once with the short code widget and once as a plain text field.

All three times it does not work ....


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I am using elementor. Astra theme and thepluswidget. But like I said, it works on the old pages but not on the new pages ....

Amie Kagan

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Hy, I was using woodmart theme on my ecom website and faced the same issue that you mentioned. But not I am using flatsome theme and this issue has resolved now. So I suggest you change your theme.
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