360' Product Photography of reflective products


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So I've been asked to do some 360' product images of brass instruments. Some of these instruments are big and I mean big. A Tuba is around 100cm high and almost that again wide and needs a support in order to stand up. Client would like to have images of said instrument without stand and without the stand reflected in the product.

OK so I could photograph the product being supported, remove the stand and reflections in PS - would probably look unnatural but then how would I rotate the instrument?
I also need to shoot for an product video , Before I embark on an adventure in building some kind of customisable wooden rotating rig to support different instruments and allow them to rotate freely, I hoped some wise photographers with more experience than myself may be able to offer some sage advice.

Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.


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Consider suspending the instrument with fishing line and rotate the product while it's suspended. A second piece of fishing line tied to the instrument could serve as a handle for rotating. You will need "tent lighting" to deal with the shiny surfaces of the instruments.

Hope this helps.