Advantages of the Pro Version


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Dear WebRotate Team!
I am a fashion designer and I have successfully integrated WebRotate in my Opencart Shop.
[link removed]

Thank you again for your kind support and for your suggestions on the initial phase.

Now, I am trying to understand what would be my advantages if I buy the Pro Version.
As already discussed, I would have the Full-Screen Version which would be nice.
Some more points?

Another question: I found out, I do not even really understand the product. For example, I only found one table in my Database, which sets WebRotate Module to 1 or 0 (active or not) for respective products - really simple.
What about the other WebRotate Settings in Admin like PopUp Enable/Disable, Design Settings etc.?
I do not see any tables in the Database for this.
Am I connected to some external Databases or Scripts without knowing it?

I would be very grateful for some information on this issues,


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Glad to hear from you, Natalia!

Technically, all support you have received already to get it up and running doesn't come standard with our free license :) and then you can see the full comparison table here: (let us know if anything needs clarification).

There should be a table in your database called wr360product (possibly with some standard OpenCart table prefix in the front of the name). It stores the list of configured 360 products views. And then we use the standard OpenCart settings table to store module settings. I can't remember the name of the table but if you need I can find out. PS: there're no external databases for storing the module config...


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Hallo, thanks for the reply.
I am now planning to transfer all items on my page to WebRotate view. That's a big decision for me,
that's why I am trying to better understand the product.

The comparison table which you suggested was helpful. It looks like the Free Version is sufficient for my case at least for now.

One more question, though: can I use this Version for free in the future also - no time limits?
I need to know this before I make some big changes on my page...

Thanks a lot in advance,


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I see. Makes sense! There're no time limits so it should continue working.

PS: please note that if you will require more support and it's not something simple that we can quickly assist with, we will likely ask you to go the PRO route.