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Hello everyone! Good evening!

I'm new to joomla and has develop to a certain time to wordpress, but a client would like to add the pictures of him that have been made within the webrotate360. And I'm not getting as embedar or operate within the page.

I've read all the documents and is not so clear how to run. Using the code below:

[wr360embed name = "view01" width = "100%" height = "500px" config = "/ 360-assets / sampleshoe / config.xml"]

I wish someone would help me implement the plugin.

Hugs and thanks


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There're some whitespaces in your sample shortcode as well as in the config path which will not work in our Joomla plugin.

Please try the following:

[wr360embed name="view01" width="100%" height="500px" config="/360-assets/sampleshoe/config.xml"]

Juts let us know if this doesn't help.