Changing images on Shopify


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We've been using Webrotate on our Shopify store for a little over a year now and enjoy it. One issue we've been having though is adding additional images on product pages. The webrotate360 viewer does not switch if any other images are uploaded. The thumbnails are visible on the page, but clicking on them doesn't change the image, it remains the 360.

Here's an example of the problem. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Hi, yes... sorry about this! This is why we say the following on our Shopify app page (link) in the beginning as this is expected unfortunately:

... Please also note that this app will not automatically integrate with existing image galleries (e.g a sliding product gallery on a product page in Shopify).

Reason being, there's no way for the app to figure out how to integrate with every image gallery implementation which is done differently pretty much in every Shopify theme.

We would be happy to make it work the way you need though as this is part of the installation service we offer: