Conflict with AddThis in Chrome, warning about maintenance


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There seems to be a conflict between AddThis when viewing in Chrome.
I'm using OpenCart, and the latest version of Chrome.

If I keep refreshing the product page that has a webrotate viewer, every 2nd refresh only loads 2 or 3 of the 24 images, and dragging in the viewer spins the hotspots while the image only changes between 2-3 of them. On another refresh, the error goes away and all 24 images gets loaded.

If I remove AddThis, the error goes away completely, even on constant refresh.

I also tried to remove all my other vqmods one by one, but the problem persists as long as AddThis is on the same page as webrotate.

I tested this on your opencart demo, but the error doesn't show there. What version of opencart is your demo?

Also as a warning to other users, if your shop is on maintenance mode, you'll get really strange errors in Chrome, IE, and Opera, where on a clear browser cache, on the first load of your page the webrotate viewer will not show. It also affects colorbox and fancybox. Only on a 2nd refresh will it load. I'm not sure if it has something to do with webrotate, or if the maintenance mode affects all javascript functions from loading when the browser cache is empty. So, if you see this problem, just try turning off maintenance mode and see if that fixes it. I spent 3 hours going crazy thing to figure out what was wrong.


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I believe we are still using in our demo as well.

Can't reproduce the issue you described with the link you sent in PM in my Chrome, and I see AddThis is still there. Did you change something to fix it?


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The problem is still there, I haven't changed it. I tested it on another computer and the problem is still there. It also happens on android browser 2.2, and Chrome on iOS doesn't load it.

I think as a temporary fix I will take it off the top banner and put it in an iframe fancybox.