Customize Product Image Zoom


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I have some questions regard zoom,

1) Now my website zoom like,


* i need half of the screen zoom,

2) my products thumbnail images list of one by one, it's not looking good, how can i display like scrolling within div or left site scrolling within div, like,


I dont like one by one, how can i use scrolling,

3) How can i configure, if hover the image products image zoom on right side, like Amazon or Flipkart, now my default setting like, if i click image then the only image will zoom, how can i change if hover image it will zoom.

Thank You.


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Hi there!

Our Magento 1.x integration has two modes: Standard and Ad-hoc that you can configure in admin. Looks like you are using the Standard one which replaces the default zoom and the gallery with the popup. The dimensions of the popup can be configured in admin under System->Configuration->WebRotate 360 Product Viewer and the layout of the thumbnails in the Standard mode may require tweaking in your theme's CSS (i.e to make them float horizontally).

To implement the sliding gallery you mentioned you would need to work with your Magento theme developer and use our Ad-hoc integration instead as it allows you to integrate the 360 product spins into your existing gallery. This may be relatively involved depending on your Magento theme.

I hope this helps!