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is it possible to change the design of the hotspots? How can I load and use my own hotspots in SpotEditor?

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Hi there, if you are interested in changing the design of the actual hot-spot indicators (those small circles), you can easily do this as follows:

1. Copy your custom indicator image into your current graphics path, usually either imagerotator/html/img/basic or imagerotator/html/img/thin. If needed, this design folder is configurable on your 360 viewer page(s) via _imageRotator.settings.graphicsPath

2. In SpotEditor, open the Edit Spot form for your hot-spot, and replace the filename accordingly (see attached image).

Alternatively, you can replace the indicator images in your 360 viewer configuration xml via indicatorImage attribute under <hotspot> which is just a filename of that image under your current graphics folder or you can simply overwrite any of the existing indicator images in that folder with your own.

PS: if you need your customizations to stick in SpotEditor, please refer to this thread: ... ?f=4&t=219


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