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i have a problem with this extension. It replace all my photos from featured module and promotion module.

And the 360 module doen`t display corectly ! Why?

Look in my test... http://exprescozma.ro/art/index.php?rou ... gina+maria

Thx for listen ... and i`m glad to see if work becouse i have 360 table and i cant make 360 products easy for my client and i want to buy this extension full !


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Hi Topy, thanks for your comment. The issue is expected as some theme developers use the same generic CSS names for their HTML elements as what we use to attach the 360 viewer to by default in OpenCart. This is exactly what happened in your case, as your promo module has an html element with the class named image and that's exactly the same class name that the default OpenCart product image element is using for its styling.

So this can be easily fixed by either renaming your promotion CSS class name (from image to something else) or adding for example an extra class name like 360viewer to the main image element under product-info and then use this extra class name in WebRotate 360 module settings under Page Placeholder so we could attach the 360 product viewer to the correct place.

But please let us know if you still need some help with the fix.


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Yes... now its very ok but i have a small problem:D... My slide cart doen`t work if is activated 360 module... how can i separate this 2 modules ?

Thx... it`s verrrry veryy beautifull... you must to make a module for Joomla:D.

And another question: If buy this PRO extension... i can make module 360 without opencart module?


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Great - thanks, Topy! I really love your collection of antiques. Very nice..

Looks like the issue with the sliding cart is a similar one as you have another element with class="image" under the mini-cart-info in the sliding cart. Please see attached image below. Just rename this class to something else and let's see if it helps.

PS: yes, we're considering writing a 360 viewer extension for Joomla also. And yes, if you get the PRO license you can use the standalone 360 product viewer anywhere you like. We also have extension for Magento, Prestashop, Wordpress, BigCommerce and more are in the works.


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Hi there!

Please go to WebRotate 360 Module settings in OpenCart admin and change .image in the Placeholder field to this one:

.product-info .left

I hope it helps!