Don't see the plugin


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I recently installed a last version of Open Cart, and i want to use your plugin, it's awesome. After installation from documentation, i don't see anything in my local server. No error, and plugin does not work. What i need to do to see the magic?

Thanks, Mihai


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Hi Mihail and thanks for the kind words!

It's hard to comment without seeing your product page. Is there any chance you can upload your site online?

PS: usually it's either the vQmod xml files (that come with our module) were not copied to your vQmod xml directory or the Page Placeholder field in the webrotate module settings in admin doesn't match class or id of a placeholder element on your page (placeholder is a container inside your product page where the 360 product viewer embeds itself; our vQmod tries to automatically place such placeholder but it may not always work depending on your OpenCart theme).