Duplicate selected hotspot


New member
I want to experiment with the different styles of hotspots without changing a setup I like. I thought using the "Duplicate selected hotspot." feature under Hotspots would allow me to do this. However, when duplicate a hotspot, it seems to copy EVERYTHING EXCEPT the actual spots on the path. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed? Or am I doing something wrong?

I am using SpotEditor Pro v5.0.1.56 on a Mac.


Staff member
Hi Larry, the hotspot duplication was originally designed just to make a copy of existing styles and not the actual path of the existing hotspot as it's generally I think is unexpected that a duplicate path is also needed... but I see how it would be useful for you.

PS: you could potentially use the template field on the new project form under "Advanced" that allows you to take an existing project ("template") and make a quick copy of everything including hotspots with their path. I understand it may be a bit too heavy for what you need.