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1. Feature request: Custom Keyboard shortcuts:
1.1 Object rotation Left / Right
1.2 Image / Tools / Path tools / Apply path to image - if you have some path which have to be used only on part of the images it will be much much easier to rotate the image with a keyboard shortcut and to apply the active path on the selected Image also via the keyboard :)

2. Image / Tools / Path tools - the ability to Cancel the path if it's already applied to the Image, no to delete the path on all Images, but just to cancel the active path on the current Image
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4. Feature request for the viewer: It would be just cool when looking the product in the viewer, and if somebody double clicks on it the ZOOM to be centred not on the centre of the Image as it's now, but on the point of the click. :)


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We had this function before... but had to disable it as it was not working consistently with some website layouts in the past. We'll revisit the code soon as there have been a lot of fixes since then and then we also dropped support for old Internet Explorer versions which could have affected it. Thanks!