Forcing Cache flush for PixRiot uploads


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Is there a guaranteed way to flush the cache? I am publishing, looks fine on local preview, but after upload to PixRiot it shows an old version, even after deleting temp files and flushing cache! I know, shouldn't be possible.


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Yes, the guaranteed way is to re-copy a URL that you see in the Embed / Share dialog after re-uploading the assets. It will produce the same URL as before but with a different t parameter.

Alternatively, you can manually add something different after t= at the end of the original URL:



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Ahhhh ok I see what you're doing.

I have one spin with hotspots linking to another spin, and then vice versa, so it was never unloading it. But theoretically, only a developer would have this problem, as a brand new user would see the latest, right?



Right.. I can see this becoming a source of issues in setups like yours so we better work on making this requirement visible somewhere :)