Full Screen function acts very oddly on iPhone & iPad.


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On both my iOS devices, with current OS and updates, a full-screen product view isn't actually full screen.

It winds up being a strange floating window anchored to the left side of the screen, only covering about 2/3 of the width. Sometimes it takes up the full height of the window, sometimes not. Rotating the device between portrait and landscape yields interesting effects, most noteably sometimes having to figure out where the windows went, by zooming outward.

Is this on anyone's radar?


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Hi Matthew! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It turned out our demo website you used for testing had an old script and an incorrect mobile meta viewport, both of which are now updated.

Please refresh your browser cache and try again. Just tested on one of our iPads and iPhones and full screen works fine for me now on both devices. Also tested on an Android phone with Chrome and the Android browser and still works fine :D