Fullscreen not resizing image to screensize


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Is this a normal behaviour that the fullscreen is just scaling the image to the max image size?

I would like to get a "real fullscreen", that the image is scaled up the the screen resolution and keeping the aspect, no matter what the resolution of the image is.

I've seen that the fullscreen player got its own div with the id "wr360image_wr360PlayerId_fs". I can overwrite the styles for that via css, but to keep the aspect I would need some "procentual padding-top hacks". Just wanted to know if there is a more elegant way.


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Hi there! Yes, indeed. We never wanted to stretch the 360 product photography images beyond their max dimensions as configured in SpotEditor under Images->Tools->Resize so they don't appear blurry. Something we may re-consider as there probably some applications where this is acceptable.

Your solution is probably the best one at the moment, short of stretching out your images upfront if your input resolution is lower than you need.