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I love this software, it is amazing. I've just stumbled on it and I will purchase an upgrade to support its dev.

I could further use it if there was more frame control. I'd love to see the following.

Hotspot - Action

Run action that is executed on hotspot LOAD. (not click, so the action is run if that hotspot is available on a frame)

then under configuration have these options

Stop on this label
Start forwards from this label
Start backwards from this label
Play forwards from label XX
Play backwards from label XX
Goto label XX

If these options were enabled I could do some quite complex interaction and animation.

I'd just add an invisible hotspot on a frame (used more like a frame marker/action) so when a frame with that marker was run in the series it would then jump or play to another particular label. The stop, start and goto listed above would allow for complex movement in the complete animation series. Along with the current options I could navigate through a series of frames, then click on hotspots to choose which direction (or which series of frames to run).

The complete process would allow for virtual tours and open this software up massively for my use.
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Hi, thanks so much for putting this together and for the kind words!

This is quite interesting and makes a lot of sense... does this feature require that manual (mouse / touch) drag of images is disabled, i.e is this your use case?


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I just purchased an enterprise version, it really is so good. After more usage I've found a usable workaround to the above. It doesnt allow such complex navigation as suggested above but the ability to load new sets of images via the api/hyperlink functionality allows for the virtual tour type of naviagtion i require. I should RTFM before posting on here! :)

The above would really open this up for me but for the moment I'll use the api/hyperlink workaround as I've got it working well in some tests.

The only problem I think I'm going to really hit is load times. My animations are large and have hundreds of frames. It would be handy to have a load buffer option. (ie load XX% or XX frames before starting)

Also, it would really help to pre-load the extra linked image sets, By this I'd like all the images in the linked sets preloaded in the background, so when I click to load a new "scene/set" via the api/hyperlink option the images have already been loaded after the originals scenes images had loaded. A preload api hyperlink option. I hope that makes sense! :)

Seriously cool software/scripts. If you have a sharable email I can fire over a private dev link to my project? It may explain further where I'm at with this idea.


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Thank you for the kind words! :) These are all valid points.. Please share a link to your work so far via support at webrotate360 dot com. We may suggest something to alleviate some of the concerns with the load times.