Hotspot image doesn't scale


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Hi there,

I made a 3D 360° Product view and want to put the client Logo on top as "As content only in fixed position on load" on the top of the view with a white background.
In the normal view everything is ok but the logo doesn't scale if I am in fullscreen. It has still the width at beginning.
If i say max with is 2000 it starts with 2000 in the normal view.
I don't know what to do.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-19 um 10.05.32.jpg


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Hi Jens, I'm just going to paste here what we discussed on livechat.

The max width in the screenshot controls the width in the normal view. When you scale up via full-screen, we can't blow up the image any further as it would become blurred. It's the same result one would get by opening some website in full-screen via F11 in Chrome (on Windows).

We will be adding "profiles" feature in the coming releases that will allow having separate set of settings for different modes, including full-screen which will help with this. For the time being and like you have suggested on livechat, using the watermarks feature in SpotEditor accomplishes the needed result :cool: