Hotspot randomly moved on project load


New member
About every other time now, when I load up a project, one of the hotspot locations has moved significantly. It is obvious because the smooth rotating path will have a sudden spike in it. It doesn't happen every load, and it doesn't happen to the same hotspot or hotspot group.

What can I provide to help debug this?


Active member
Yes, I think this is related to double-clicking the project file in the file-open dialog when opening an existing project in SpotEditor.

If the active tab is Hotspots in SpotEditor when you double-click the project there, it will register as a click inside the image preview window and if there're hotspots in there, it will produce a jump you saw I think.

This is a known issue we have to fix indeed. In the meantime, please use the Open button in the file-open dialog (on Windows) to avoid this when the active tab is Hotspots.