hotspots not working in Bigcommerce

Jim Oliver

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Hello all,

I have a Bigcommerce website and am using WebRotate for the first time. I used these instructions: ... eased.aspx

to install. I modified the classname of WrapperID in the script code to get it to load, but the hotspots are missing.

I noticed that the image is smaller on the webpage than in the published html. I changed hideHotspotsOnZoom to false but that had no effect.

I assume I need to upload the hotspot image, but I don't know where to put it. Any ideas?



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Hi Jim, apologies for the late reply!

To address the hotspot issue, you would need to update to the latest version of the 360 product viewer scripts on your WebDAV in BigCommerce. You can simply overwrite the imagerotator folder on your WebDAV under content/webrotate360 with the one you can find in your published SpotEditor project under published.

As for the dimensions, you can set different dimensions for #wr360WrapperId in styles.css. You can use 100% for the width and 400px for the height property so it follows the dimensions of the parent container. PS: you may also remove border and margin properties in #wr360WrapperId so it fits better.

I hope it helps :)