How to rotate only Vertical


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I have a set of images that I want them to rotate ONLY in vertical in the y axis.
How can the user only move the mouse up and down to rotate the image (i want to disable the left right and only be able to rotate up and down). Also I would like to autoplay once(again it should go only up and down) and not to have loop rotation(ok this is the easy one, i know how to do it).
Is there an example of this kind of vertical rotation?
Thank you in advance


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Hi there! I think you just need to check "Flip input axis" under Control tab -> Direction such that the vertical mouse drag would animate your images instead. The playback should work accordingly if you check "Rotate once" on the same tab.

Obviously your 360 degree spin images would need to be photographed or 3D rendered to make sense when user drags them vertically or when they auto-play.