I don't think the header.php file is being updated by the mod


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I am running

Everything seemed to install as it should and I created a link in the table to a Test product - the but nothing shows on the page.

http://www.ultimatecommerce.co.uk/DEMO/ ... duct_id=50

I found this info:

http://www.webrotate360.com/Blog/post/3 ... nCart.aspx

and tried to manually edit the catalog\controller\common\header.php file.

I added this as per instructions:

Make a backup copy of header.php then open the original file for edit and enter the following three lines right after the first line that reads "<?php" at the very top:

global $__wr360Path; $__wr360Path = 'catalog';
if(defined('DIR_APPLICATION')) $__wr360Path = preg_replace('/.*\/([^\/].*)\//is', '$1', DIR_APPLICATION);
include $__wr360Path.'/controller/module/wr360/wr360header.php';

but when it came to part two:

Enter the following line right after this statement "$this->render();" at the end of header.php and save the file:

$this->output = addWR360Headers($this, $this->output, $this->db);

I don't have a "$this->render();" at the end of header.php file.

Can anybody help please???

I need to get this off the ground and I'm all out of ideas :-(



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Hi Bryan, thanks for contacting us here!

The header snippet that you found on our blog is for the older version of OpenCart which wouldn't work for OC 2.x.

Please restore your original header.php then double check that the two vQmod files are applied as per the Documentation tab here for OpenCart 2.x, and please confirm then so we could see what is going on exactly.