Image Alt Text


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Hi, I see in one of the previous updates that you added the ability to add alt text to images. I'm having a hard time finding this. Is this the same as adding a "label" to an image?


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Hi, along with the question above, my client has some general concerns for accessibility with some of our WebRotate360 builds. Could you offer any insight into how compliant WebRotate360 is with accessibility requirements?


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Hi there, ALT is the only accessibility option we offer at this time. It's outputted in your published HTML as alt property as follows (using responsive template in this example) and it's based on the project name or the name you give it on the Publish form:

	licenseFileURL: 'license.lic',
	configFileURL: '360_assets/aaaa/aaaa.xml',
	graphicsPath: 'imagerotator/html/img/basic',
	alt: '360 degree view - aaaa',
	responsiveBaseWidth: 600,
	responsiveMinHeight: 0,
	googleEventTracking: false,    

PS: if you have some ideas on how we can improve accessibility, please let us know. We can try to fit it in v3.6.5.


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Is that then putting an alt tag and value onto the images? I have the following in my embed code:
rotator.settings.alt = 'name here';