Image gallery on product page


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I have a problem with the image gallery when the webrotate 360 plugin is activated.
On the first picture it is perfect. (When the plugin is disabled) Zaagschoenen question 360rotate.PNGOn the second picture the image gallery drops below the 360 pictures. (plugin enabled) Zaagschoenen question 360rotate2.PNGHow can I move the 360 pictures below the image gallery like on picture 1?
Hope someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Tim, it looks like our plugin can't nicely integrate with the gallery component your WP theme is using. There's likely no easy solution short of coding something custom to make it work seamlessly.. we office this service if needed.

Alternatively you may instead place a graphic somewhere next to the gallery or in the description and use plugin's popup shortcode to show your 360 product spins via a popup.