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Hi All

Love the rotator, we are looking to build a product viewer where our users can add different variants and patterns to a rotating t-shirt.

The problem we have is the amount of possible variants becomes unmanageable and to large, has anyone achieved anything similar?

Is there anyway you can have one rotator and overlay possible combinations over the top, just curious if this can be done.

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Hi there and thanks for your comment! Just curious, are you rendering these combinations in 3D CAD or are they photographed?

The closest thing we have right now for reloading dynamically different color variants in-place is shown in this demo which requires a separate set of 360 product images for each variant prepared on your server upfront: ... tions.html

Also I think you can achieve the effect with the overlays by using custom rotating hot-spot indicators (usually just small colored circles) that you can attach to your product on each frame at a specific location. So by manipulating the indicator images on your server (i.e. via user upload, rendering dynamically on your server, etc) you can replace the hot-spot indicator image on the fly and reload visitor's current 360 view in place via javascript as per the link above to change the overlay dynamically. Obviously you would need to create an xml config for each visitor when they start changing their overlays in that case.

Does this make sense?