issues with bigcommerce


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I need help figuring out what needs to be changed in the code for my site to allow webrotate 360 to work properly. I have followed the instructions here: ... eased.aspx

Below is a link to my page to show what going on. Right now "config_file_url:
/dav/content/webrotate360_bigcommerce_integration/webrotate360/360_assets/sampleshoe/config.xml" is showing up under the "other details" section.

Please Help!


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It's usually a simple change in webrotate360/wr360hook.js (wrapperID have to match an html element on a bigcommerce page that will be holding your 360 product views; the one we have there by default often doesn't exist in the recent BigCommerce themes...).

We can help with this, but would need temp access to your store. You can email it to us via support at webrotate360 dot com.

PS: I think you forgot to insert a link your product page. If you share the link, we can review and comment so you may be able to fix it on your end :cool: