joomla article not work w/s3 bucket


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Joomla version of webrotate...
Article and spin work fine when called from website server...

Spin does not work from either s3 bucket or from cloudfront...other renderings such as 360 panotours from KOLOR work fine from this same bucket...

examples from website server: ... tellations ... cover-girl

CODE for website server playback:
[wr360embed name="magnus_brac" width="100%" height="550px" config="/images/360_spins/magnus_brac/magnus_brac.xml"]

CODE for S3 bucket:
[wr360embed name="magnus_brac" width="100%" height="550px" config=""]

This is message from S3:
"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."

Anybody have an idea why it doesn't work...


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Yes, you would need to use rootpath shortcode parameter for this to work. It's briefly described on our demo page at the bottom here.

We have to use this approach with the Joomla integration (and other plugins) as loading xml files from an external domain asynchronously is prohibited by browsers due to same origin policy that browsers enforce for security reasons, so the actual xml file would need to sit on the main website where integration is installed.

Using your example above, I think the rootpath value would be the following for the shortcode to work:


Or something like this for the complete shortcode:

[wr360embed name="magnus_brac" width="100%" height="550px" config="/images/360_spins/magnus_brac/magnus_brac.xml" rootpath=""]

If this doesn't help, please let us know.