Loading only when I put the license.lic

Hi, we are facing a problem where in if the client cancels the request for licence.lic(i.e goes to a different page or closes the tab) before it gets fetched then the subsequent requests for the 360 images are done without using the 'rootpath'. This causes unnecessary 404 errors in our logs.
Is there any way that we could stop the image requests if the license.lic is not correctly fetched. Or any other way that we could stop this from happening.

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi, if a user goes to a different page or closes a tab, there shouldn't be any new 404 errors related to the previously viewed page as a browser terminates the current page "session" and starts with a new one. License.lic is not saved across these pages "sessions" (no cookies, local storage, etc).

Do you have more details about the issue or possibly send us a link so we can reproduce. You can send it to support at webrotate360 dot com.
Hi, thanks for such a quick reply.
There are instances in our logs where the request for license.lic gives Response status code 460 (i.e client has closed the connection with the server before it is completed) and at the same time with the same client we have image requests without 'Rootpath' which results in 404 errors.
The license.lic's 460 status might also be caused due to clients poor network connection or any other client side issues. All i ask is, If there is a way where we could stop the image requests if the license file's request is failed in any way.
Because without the license.lic file your plugin requests the images without the rootpath in both the cases( the license.lic is not specified in the initialisation of the plugin and the request for license.lic fails).
I think in case of request failure for license file you should stop further execution of the code rather than continuing by treating that the license file is not provided.


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Hmm... I see. Please send us a quick email to support at webrotate360 dot com and we will work with you on getting it resolved in your Magento installation.