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Hi there, please do this:

1. Remove all your changes in basic.css (360 viewer styles). You added z-index - 999999 to a few classes there which is something that shouldn't be needed in this css file. I even suggest to restore basic.css to its original to eliminate any confusion.

2. Find this file /skin/frontend/default/blanco/css/menu1.css which is your hover menu styling looks like and then change z-index in this line:

#nav li.over { z-index:998;} to let's say 59000.

And if this doesn't help try changing z-index on this line in the same file (you can say put 59100 for z-index if you keep the previous change):

#nav ul.level0 { position:absolute; z-index: 1500; padding: 20px 15px 15px; }

This I think should put your hover menu at the top of 360 degree images.

Please confirm if this helps!


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I did and notthing happens. I restored the mani css files for webrotate and it still does show belwo.
Another thing is all my other images disapeared, but that is from the begining never worke properly.
Mybe the issue is connected.

Thank you.



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Your menu1.css is currently showing z-index as 590 in both places and not 59000 as per my comment above. Please change to 59000 in both places and let's see if this helps.

Can you also please point me to where / which images disappeared?


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It's actually opposite with z-index, and the reason you don't see the second image is again something specific to the CSS of your custom theme. Please see attached image (it's actually there but under the tabs probably because of incorrect float or width style).

You can send us your temp FTP login details for this Magento site to support at webrotate360 dot com and we can help with both CSS issues.


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